Sunday, July 03, 2005

I don't know what to do about my head.

Maybe I could remove it for a while.

The dogs are all keyed up about the fireworks. Last year was the first year we had Steve the 80-pound mutt, and his first exposure to fireworks was over at my parents' house. It sent him crawling to the corner of their deck, where he pressed his nose into the siding and tried to see out the back of his head. This year he's taken to hiding out in the bathtub. It's tough, being a dog.

So far today I've had 1000 mg of ibuprofen. The first 600 mg kept the headache at bay for approximately three hours, but I could feel it lying at the base of my skull, gathering its strength for attack number two. It sat in the back of my throat like a coiled cobra, seething and tying itself in knots. I had spicy Indian food for dinner; that seemed to set it back some. I came home and did some work in the front flowerbeds, took a few pictures. I could feel it loosening in there. I walked around back and laid my body in the hammock and looked up at the leaves against the darkening sky for a while. I felt it loosen a little more. I came inside and the son of a bitch attacked. I don't know what it is, if it's stress from last week at work catching up with me, or sweating about six gallons this morning attacking that damned bush, or the fact that I slept badly last night, or the weather, or what. I just know I want it to stop. I can't sleep like this. I can't read. I can sit myself in front of the computer and haze my eyes half-shut and try to create some sort of coherency with my fingers on the keyboard. I'm just living in a stasis, waiting for this pain to pass so I can be myself again. Right now I'm not.


At July 04, 2005 5:45 AM, Anonymous atpanda said...

I say drink 3 big glasses of red wine. :-)

Your pictures are gorgeous! Your dogs look like a whole lot of fun. Dogs are the best, eh?

Thanks for visiting my site! Look forward to more of your pics.

At July 04, 2005 11:15 AM, Anonymous Jenelle said...

You know, I get the same amazingly horrible headaches too...What I do is lay on the floor on my back and stretch my arms out behind me. Sometimes they are the result of pinched nerves in the neck. Also, before the pain really hits, (you know how you can feel it's going to be a doozie) I take 3 Ibuprofin, then maybe 2 hrs later even if the pain is gone, take another 2. (It is because I take so many wen I really need it I don't ever take the stuff for minor pains) Usually after I take the 1st round of Ibu.,I take a nap, at least 1 hr. Works EVERY time! Like a friggin charm. Maybe it'll work for you too. Also, drink alot of really helps. I've had these headaches since a little kid, and have plenty of experiance..

At July 04, 2005 5:00 PM, Anonymous E said...

Hey, J. I'm sure I'll be following in your footsteps soon...The kids are out of town this week, so I'll have lots of time to play. My main thing right now is that all of the urls I want are taken over here on blogger. I had an old site that I never really paid any attention to that is still active, but I don't like that old one on is already taken over here. So sad. Oh, well...I"ll keep playing around with it. I like the new site. It looks really nice.


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