Sunday, July 03, 2005

Chips and salsa keep me alive.

This pic is of an orchid I managed by some miracle of neglect to grow on my windowsill, and a jade plant someone at my old job left by the phone in the teacher's lounge for two weeks. It was dying and I took pity on its soul and brought it home and transplanted it and watered it. Last night, I moved these two plants off the windowsill to close the blinds, and set them on a dresser that has a touch lamp on it which I bumped. When it came on, I liked the effect of the underlighting on the plants, and photographed them.

Well. It's hot out again. Yesterday was beautiful, and I dragged my mother up to Miami Whitewater and made her bike the eight mile outer loop while I skated. She got some stuff off her chest about this crap going on with my brother, so that was good.

This morning I spent about two hours helping my ex-gf tackle the bush growing outside her condo. She's let that thing get wildly out of control. After two hours of sweaty hell, I threw in the towel (er, hedgeclippers) and gave up. She gave me a car deer alarm and two bottles of wine, a pinot I'll foist off on M and a bordeaux I might have tonight. She's an odd bird. Who gives you two bottles of wine and a car deer alarm in exchange for trimming a bush. My ex, that's who.

I'm so glad it's a three-day weekend. I have to gather my wits. After last week, they're sort of scattered about here and there. There's a few wits in my car, I'm sure, and one or two on my desk at work, and the rest have blow away on the four winds. Yesterday I did a crapload of cleaning and took the dogs for a walk with M. Then we came back and drank cold stuff and went to bed early. Tomorrow, I'm going kayaking with my brother and parents. I plan to come home from that and get drunk and go watch the fireworks. Ahhhhhh.

All right. Time to go do things that don't involve staring at a computer screen on a nice day, such as pulling weeds and mowing the lawn and eating a large quantity of something.


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