Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Appleseed vs. Ghost in the Shell

Both so good. Both full of beautiful people. Both with this love interest no one can really talk about. Both with these utterly badass gorgeous female leads who have no fear of pain or death.

In a fight, Ghost in the Shell wins. Appleseed fell prey to pop, I'm sad to say. It gets an A+ for excellent animation technique; this movie does things I've never seen in animation, and everything is so CG and liquid and beautiful you almost want some ugly just for the contrast. Even the ruins of the cities in the first and ending scenes are beautiful. The soundtrack is where Appleseed fails. Ghost in the Shell makes use of timeless and ethereal music, and Appleseed's soundtrack is full of Paul Oakenfold, and Basement Jaxx, and Boom Boom Satellites. Which is fine right now, sure, but what's it going to sound like in ten years? It'll still be beautiful to look at; all those surface-of-water shots of eyes and streets made of glass and buildings made of mirrors reflecting blue sky will be just as gorgeous, but the music. The music. Even now, it sounds dated.

At any rate, I'm eager to see where this new art goes.


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