Monday, July 18, 2005

Fish, dogs, thunderheads

Back to the grind. I like the grind. The grind keeps me going.

Work flew by today; I proofed monthly content for a website/newsletter nine-brand cohort that gets mailed to 1.2 million opt-in subscribers all morning, and a new business pitch in the afternoon. I thought it was 10:30 at noon, and 2:00 at 3:40. So the fact that I didn't get home from work until 7ish wasn't bad, since it felt like 5ish. My boss went to Wilmington over the weekend and brought his herd of proofers each a bottle of this homemade barbecue sauce from some Wilmington BBQ joint he's been raving about for approximately the entire time I've known him, so we improvised for dinner and M made this sort of grits-and-spinach-and-black-beans thing with the bbq sauce in it. (Don't knock it, it's actually good. When you're a vegetarian with diet restrictions, you have to eat weird stuff from time to time.) The sauce was great. Could have used a bit more heat. Boss said it was the "mild."

M bought a new oscar for the aquarium tonight, since the cichlids mollywhopped the old one and it died. This one's a lot bigger and shouldn't have trouble holding its own. I bought some bird treats for the cockatiel and a new frisbee for the dogs. As much as they love to chase a frisbee, they can never catch one--even the border collie. They just let it roll and then knock it on its side and flop it in the grass and stand there pawing at it trying to figure out how to pick it up. For a dog that knows how to sit, stay, lay down, stand, shake, and wait, you'd think Kiva would figure out how to pick up a frisbee.

The sky looked foreboding this evening while we were out fish-shopping, so when we got home I took a few pictures of it. It keeps looking like it's going to storm, but --

Oy vey, must away, fish crisis. Sheesh.


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